Victim of Crime Act Victim Assistance Grant Program (VOCA)

Victims Assistance enhances and expands direct services to victims of crime, with special emphasis placed on victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault.


Primary Contact:
Sydney Cavender
Justice Program Specialist
(304) 558-8814, Extension 22408

Secondary Contact:
Tammy J. Lemon
Program Manager
(304) 558-8814, Extension 22415

Application Kit:  

FY 20 VOCA Application Memo

FY 20 Application Instructions Manual

FY 20 Checklist (Appendix A)

FY 20 Application (Appendix B)

FY 20 Guidelines (Appendix C)

FY 20 System for Award Management (Appendix E)

FY 20 Roles & Responsibilities for Project Directors/Fiscal Officers (Appendix F)

FY 20 Outreach Offices (Appendix H)

FY 20 Federal Conditions & Assurances 

FY 20 Standard Conditions

Reporting Forms

Program Guidelines/Administrative Manuals

Resource Materials/Publications

Resource Materials



Human Trafficking

National Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

WV Human Trafficking Taskforce