JAG Performance Measure Reporting

Below you will find the JAG Performance Measure Reports. Click the link to download the report you need. Reports should only be submitted for categories you have been awarded grant funds for.  In addition to the budget category reports, if you are a program providing a direct service (CAC, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault) or a Multi Jurisdictional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force there are reports specific to that function of your program. The State and Local Initiatives report and Task Force Activities report.

Example A: A Child Advocacy Center (CAC) program who has been awarded grant funds in the Personnel, Travel/Training, and Equipment budget categories. This program will complete the Personnel, Training, Equipment, and State and Local Initiatives reports for any grant funds they have expended during the quarter of reporting.

Example B:   A project that has received grant funds in the Personnel budget category for contractual personnel and funds in the Other budget category for office supplies and/or computers. This project will complete the Personnel, Contractual and Equipment reports.

Please email, fax or mail the completed report to WV DJCS Att. Bonnie Bevers.

Email: Bonnie.L.Bevers@wv.gov

Fax: 304 558-0391

Mail To:
Att. Bonnie Bevers
1204 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25301


Please Note, if documents request a user name and password, please press "Cancel". The documents should open after this.

Cover Page - Please complete and submit this cover page with your reports.


Task Force Activities - Complete this report if you are a Multi Jurisdictional Drug Task Force.

Annual Narrative