Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Grant Program- Title II (JJ-Title II)

The goal of this program is to improve juvenile justice systems by increasing the availability and types of prevention and intervention programs and juvenile justice system improvements.


Primary Contact:
Marty A. Hatfield
Senior Criminal Justice Specialist       (304) 558-8814, Extension 22414    
Marty.A.Hatfield@wv.gov ​
 Secondary Contact:
Jeff Estep​
 Operations Manager                 (304) 558-8814, Extension 22410


3 Year Strategic Plan                                                          

FY22 Application Instructions

FY22 Appendix A - Checklist

FY22 Appendix B 

FY22 Blank Budget Pages

FY22 Appendix C - Additional Goals/Objectives Form

FY22 Appendix D - Application Forms

FY22 Standard Conditions

FY22 Standard Conditions and Assurances with Signature Page

Subgrantee Handbook

FY22 PRO BOE Agreement

Budget Pages for revisions.

Reporting Forms

Program Guidelines/Administrative Manuals
JJDP Title II Administrative Manual
Secure Holding Log (PDF)
Secure Holding Log (Excel)​

Resource Materials/Publications






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