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Below are the research presentations produced and presented by the SAC.  They are listed according to type with the most recent presentations listed at the top of the page.  A PDF viewer is required to view these reports.  If you do not have a compatible viewer, please click here to download one.

Most Recent Presentations


Evidence-Based Practices

  Strategic Planning in an Evidence Based Environment                    

September 2011
WV SAG Committee Retreat

Community Corrections

Strategic Planning for the Implementation of "What Works" in the Community Supervision andTreatment                                                                                          
October 2012
WV Community Corrections Subcommittee
  Is This Data Worth Anything?

August 2012
Statewide Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup
  Enhancing Results in Community Corrections Through Research and Evaluation

March 2012
Community Corrections Subcommittee



Drug Market Intervention:  Community Survey

August, 2013



Drug Market Intervention:  Community Survey Update

September, 2013



WV Crime Statistics & Other Resources

October 2011
JAG Retreat


Improving WV's Criminal History Record System

October 2010
BJS/JRSA Conference


Using NIBRS Data to Examine the Availability and Effect of Illegal Guns in West Virginia 

October 2008
BJS/JRSA Conference, Portland, OR


The Impact of WV's PSN Media Awareness Campaign on Citizen Attitudes Toward Crime and Criminal Justice System Response

October 2007
BJS/JRSA Conference, Pittsburgh, PA


West Virginia Criminal History Records Data Quality Review

October 2005
BJS/JRSA Conference, St. Petersburg, FL

Juvenile Justice


Juvenile Justice Processes and Offenders in WV:  Future Research and Evaluation Issues

October 2005
Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (SAG)


The Impact of Race at Multiple States of the Juvenile Justice Process:  A Multinominal Analysis of Outcomes

October 2004
BJS/JRSA Conference, Seattle, WA


Juvenile Justice in WV:  Current Research Issues and Selected State Findings

October 2004
WV Supreme Court Annual Probation and Evaluation Conference


Domestic Violence Victimization and the Influence of Protective Orders on Arrest

Presented to the Govenor's Committee on Crime, Delinquency, and Correction
  The Impact of Cross-Disciplinary Training on a Collaborative Response to the Co-Occurrence of Domestic Violence and Child Victimization

October 2006
BJS/JRSA Conference, Denver, CO


Drug & Violent Crime Control Task Force Report 2003-2004

October 2005
Senate Judiciary Subcommittee


The Risk of Violent Crime Victimization in the State of West Virginia by Race and Sex:  A Lifetime Perspective

November 2004
American Society of Criminology Conference, Nashville, TN


Core Correctional Practice in Offender Reentry:  An Examination of Service Delivery Across Setting

October 2010
BJS/JRSA National Conference

Exploring Treatment Matching and Service Delivery Issues in Offender Reentry

October 2009
BJS/JRSA Annual Conference

  Prison Population Reduction Strategies Through the Use of Offender Assessment:  A Path Toward Enhanced Public Safety

Spring 2009
Govenor's Commission on Prison Overcrowding

The Use of Core Correctional Practices in Offender Reentry and Inmate Preparedness for Release

March 2009
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences


West Virginia Correctional Population Forecast 2004-2014: A Study of the State's Prison Population

January 2005
Legislative Oversight Committee on Regional Jails and Correctional Facilities

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