Monika L. Sterling

Title:  Administrative Services Assistant
Office:  (304) 558-8814, Extension 53333

Monika Sterling has been with the WVSAC since 1997, most recently serving in the capacity of database management.  She is currently responsible for the LS/CMI and YLS/CMI Certification Database, as well as development and maintenance of the Online Learning Management System for the ORSP.  Prior to automation she handled the data entry of all state court reports and compiled an annual summary report for the Supreme Court Administrative Office.  Her most recent projects have included working with Census track data to assist law enforcement agencies in establishing patrol areas for benchmarking purposes for a statewide traffic stop study, collecting and compiling data from local schools for a school-based mentoring evaluation, and assisting in development of the Community Corrections Information System (CCIS).  Ms. Sterling was also instrumental in the launch of the WVSAC’s website and continues to update and improve the site.